4 Great Things About Polyester Wool Blank Felt Pennant Flags


The first great thing about polyester wool is the price.  As opposed to very expensive sheep's wool, polyester wool is much more affordable - especially when looking to purchase pennants at wholesale blank prices.  If you've done any research you already know how expensive blank sheep's wool pennant flags can be.


Polyester is very durable.  Whether used for promotions, sporting events or wall hangings, you'll find our polyester blank wool pennants to be tough as nails.


Polyester is unrivaled when it comes to colors lasting and staying vibrant.  It's important that these wholesale pennants look good for years to come and our polyester wool is one of the best fabrics on the market to choose from.


Whether heat pressing or screen printing, polyester is a printer's fabric of choice.  It takes both applications extremely well and we sell 1000's of blank pennant flags each year to screen printers and apparel decorators who print all kinds of logos and designs on them.