5 Uses for Custom Printed Wool Pennant Flags

Custom Wool Pennants are coming back in style and have applications across several industries.  Below are how most of our customers are using custom wool pennant flags.

Reason #1:  Brand Accessories

Many of our customers design their own custom wool pennant to compliment an existing brand or product line.  Wool pennant flags can really help to fill out an existing look and by offering a pop of color or bold fresh statements.  Whether in a small local boutique or a part of a national brand, custom wool pennants are a great choice with great margins.

Reason #2:  Nostalgia

Nothing harkens to the past like custom wool pennants.  They remind people of good times and good places.  When a favorite football game or baseball game, wool pennants scream nostalgia.  Get in touch with your inner kid again with a personalized pennant flag.

Reason #3: School Spirit

Custom wool pennant flags are the original symbol of school spirit.  They can be used for any sport in any time of year.  Bleachers filled with waving pennant flags fill a stadium with energy.  Nothing says school spirit like a fan waving a pennant flag.

Reason #4: Promotional Giveaways

Custom wool pennants make excellent promotional giveaways for strengthening brand impressions.  Unlike pens, pencils and notepads, recipients of printed wool pennant flags are not likely to throw them away.  They stick around for years, oftentimes making 1000s of impressions.

Reason #5:  Event Promotion

Many of our customers use custom wool pennant flags to promote special events or occasions.  From wedding favors to baby showers to special store sales, custom wool pennant flags can promote any message.

How will you use your custom wool pennant???