Bulk Felt Pennants

Felt wool pennants are the craze these days.  Every business and school is trying to find a reliable source for bull felt pennants.  Luckily, there's Woolytown Pennant!


Here at Woolytown Pennant, our goal is to offer bulk felt pennants to anyone who wishes to use them for promotions, retail products or school spirit.  And, when we say BULK, we mean BULK.  We can supply orders of just 1 or for 1000.  With many 1000s of wholesale wool pennant flags in stock, we're ready to ship your order the same day.

SO what are you waiting for!  Head on over to our NO MINIMUM wholesale section today.  No account set-up, so tax id, nothing - just add to the cart and place your order!!!

Time to get WOOLY!


Cheap Sports Pennant Flags

If you're looking for inexpensive, but not cheap, sports pennant flags, then look no further.  Woolytown Pennant sells blank sports pennant flag for only $2.26 each and we require no minimum.  Simply order the color and number of cheap sports pennant flags that you need and take them to your local screen printer for decorating.

It's important to find a supplying that sells sports pennant flags for cheap, but that are not cheaply made.  Inexpensive is a better word than cheap.  Our pennant flags are made from 100% polyester wool and are perfect for decorating and screen printing.  With over 30 color combinations, there is certainly a colorway that will match your sports colors.

All of our inexpensive (cheap) sports pennant flags ship from our warehouse in Carmel, Indiana.  Whether ordering 1 or 1000, we will get your order shipped the next business day.  Contact us with any questions!

High School Football Pennant Spirit Flags

There's no better way to rally high school football fans than with colorful wholesale pennant flags!

30 Different Colors

No matter what your high school color scheme, we've got a pennant that will match it.  Our wool felt pennants are perfect for screen printing or heat press and you can take them right to your local printer without a problem.  We use polyester wool to make sure the colors stay bright for years to come.

Great Fan Flags

Nothing says excitement like bleachers of football fans waving custom printed pennant flags for school spirit.  Pennant flags have been an American high school fan staple for as long as fans have existed.

Not Just for Football

Our wholesale pennant flags aren't just for football.  Fans of all sports including volleyball, soccer, basketball and tennis love our sports pennants.  All sports fans love showing school spirit with pennant flags!

Blanks Pennant Flags for Sports

Many of our customers purchase wholesale blank pennant flags to be printed for sporting events.  Here are a few reasons why!


We stock over 30 different colorways of blank pennant flags that can be printed at your local screen printers with local high school team logos and information.  No matter what the school colors, we've got you covered.  From solid blank wool pennants to ones with contrasting hems and ties, our pennant flags can be used for virtually any school on the planet.

Blank Wool Pennant Flags for Sports Teams

Blank Wool Pennant Flags for Sports Teams


Our Pennant Flags can easily be used by fans in bleachers or sidelines to cheer on the local high school sports team.  They can be tied to sticks but most people just use them as is.  They also make great wall decorations and our polyester wool helps them to hold a great pennant flag shape for many years.


Need blank wholesale pennant flags for sports teams by an event happening this weekend?  No problem.  We stock all of our pennants in our Carmel, IN facility and can ship them out same day for GAME DAY!

4 Great Things About Polyester Wool Blank Felt Pennant Flags


The first great thing about polyester wool is the price.  As opposed to very expensive sheep's wool, polyester wool is much more affordable - especially when looking to purchase pennants at wholesale blank prices.  If you've done any research you already know how expensive blank sheep's wool pennant flags can be.


Polyester is very durable.  Whether used for promotions, sporting events or wall hangings, you'll find our polyester blank wool pennants to be tough as nails.


Polyester is unrivaled when it comes to colors lasting and staying vibrant.  It's important that these wholesale pennants look good for years to come and our polyester wool is one of the best fabrics on the market to choose from.


Whether heat pressing or screen printing, polyester is a printer's fabric of choice.  It takes both applications extremely well and we sell 1000's of blank pennant flags each year to screen printers and apparel decorators who print all kinds of logos and designs on them.

No hassle. No contracts. No minimums.

We know, it sounds too good to be true, right?  That's right.  If you want to order blank wool felt pennants, you can now do it right on our web-site 24 hours a day.  You don't have to fill out any time consuming applications, there are no credit apps and you don't have to become an authorized dealer.  Everyone gets the same price, whether you order 1 or 10000. 

Woolytown Pennant is one of the largest suppliers of blank wool felt pennant flags in the United States.  We stock 1000s of blank pennant flags in over 30 different colors.  We restock our warehouse every other month to keep our inventory supply in good standing for our wholesale customers.

Need a sample?  No problem!  Simply place an order online for 1 blank pennant flag and we'll get it shipped right away.  Then, once you've approved the quality, come back and order more at the same price.

We're here to help.  Give us a call if you have any questions at all about ordering blank wholesale pennant flags.


Trends in blank pennant flags

Woolytown Pennant is in the business of custom printed wool pennant flags with no minimums. We print bulk pennant flag orders as well as one-off no minimum orders. We also make sports pennant flags, promotional wool pennants and game day pennants.

We know you count on your pennant flags to get much needed brand awareness, depending on the nature of your business.

Below are two business categories who have traditionally benefited from custom printed pennant flags.

Boutique Stores and Brands

Small boutique store or online brands can design their own line of pennant flags and purchase them wholesale from Woolytown.


School spirit pennants are a great way to build excitement and school spirit come game day.  Whether hanging in a dorm room, locker or waving at a sporting event, wool pennants have that classic sports look and feel that never gets old.

Wholesale Blank Pennants

Having trouble finding BLANK WHOLESALE PENNANT FLAGS?  Look no further.  Woolytown Pennant is your source for 30 different colors of blank wool pennant flags.

Whether you’re a school, business or boutique brand, we’d be happy to provide you with blank pennant flags for you to have printed locally.  Our minimum order for blank pennants is only 12 pieces.  We have 100s of each color in stock.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us at 317-663-4500 or email customerservice@woolytownpennant.com today!

Finally, an easy way to buy wholesale wool pennant flags

You’ve probably already discovered that finding and ordering wholesale blank pennant flags is almost impossible!  UNTIL NOW!

Finally, Woolytown Pennant makes ordering Blank Wool Pennant Flags very easy.  No hassles.  No complicated web-sites.  No application process.  No accounts set-ups.  You just tell us how many you need of what color and we send an online invoice the same day.  When that invoice is paid we ship your order.

We supply 1000s of blank pennant flags to businesses all over the world.  Our customers include screen printers, promotional companies and anyone who has a need for wholesale blank pennant flags.

We send out blank pennants at wholesale prices for you to have printed locally.  No more convoluted confusing pennant ordering.  We make it simple and easy.

Oh, and our blank wool pennant flag pricing is awesome!

We aren’t a middle man.  We are the source and stock all 30 colors.  With a 250 piece minimum order we can even cut & sew custom colorways.  There is only a 12 piece minimum for blank pennant orders.

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